Tantalise your taste buds at The Food Hall, guaranteed to tease and excite your senses with our array of flavours from around the globe.

Only the best ingredients prepared by our experienced chefs and award-winning baristas to please your palate and enhance your culinary experience with every bite.

Culinary adventures await you at the Grocer In The Sky.


Our meals are ideal for those who are on-the-go yet yearn to feast on good food. Freshly brewed beverages, gourmet sandwiches, imported snacks, pastas, sushi and flavourful local favourites from every state in Malaysia; are merely a handful of the wide selection our patrons have within The Food Hall. 


The Food Hall serves up delectable delights at all times of the day. Start your morning right with a hot meal, work up your appetite for a hearty lunch and end your day with a light nosh all in one comfortable location.